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+ Some services require secure access to the RTE Information System (IS) and to applications adapted to these services. Find out how to obtain access to the IS.


  • Generators
  • Distributors
  • Consumers
  • Market participants

The RTE information system allows you to access digital services, such as access to the front office application (in particular concerning market mechanisms), RTE’s provision of data and notifications or the tracking of your invoices.

The RTE Service Portal is the go-to site for professionals giving access to our entire offer. It allows you to:

  • Discover our network and market access services – Cataliz.
  • Follow our news (contractual developments, market mechanisms, launch of services…).
  • View and download data published by RTE (data-visualisation, download and notifications for public data).
  • Consult the RTE Library (regulatory documents).
  • Develop your applications (Open APIs and Partners).

RTE’s front office application allows you to:

  • access the electricity markets,
  • access the interconnection capacity auctions,
  • participate in network loss compensation,
  • etc.

There are two access modes to the RTE IS available to you 

1. Obtain digital keys ("PKI certificates")

You can access applications directly through your web browser. The link is established for the time of the exchange and secured by a software digital key (PKI), for which you need to make a request to us ahead of time. The software digital keys is a free electronic certificate to install on your computer workstation.

Remember to request the removal of a PKI certificate when you no longer need it.

2. Establish a specialised link

This type of access gives you a high availability service level and allows you to automate certain exchanges. The link is established permanently. There is a fee for this service. You must have previously contracted a service with our service provider. This access takes 6 to 14 weeks to complete.

The configurations supported by RTE are described in the General IS appendix.

Creating an account on the Service Portal

If you are an RTE customer

  • Creating your account online on the Service Portal allows you to access your data and to customise your services and interface depending on your needs through a system of favourites.
  • Activation of your account after it has been created must be done by your company administrator. To find out who your company's primary administrator is, please contact your account manager. If your company does not have a primary administrator, please refer to "declaring a primary administrator".

If you are not an RTE customer

  • Creating your account online on the Service Portal allows you to customise your interface according to your needs through a system of favourites, to download certain data published by RTE and receive alerts by subscribing to notifications.
  • To create your online account and customise your interface, follow the usual steps for creating an account directly from the Service Portal.

Declaring a primary administrator

A company’s primary administrator is responsible for creating and managing user accounts for that company and their service access rights.

After creating his or her account, the primary administrator becomes fully autonomous in the management of the company's accounts. They can:

  • Add other administrators or users for this company,
  • Generate a new account creation request in case of expiration,
  • Remove a user’s account so that the user no longer has access to the data of that company,
  • Create user groups for this company,
  • Manage access to this company’s services by user group,
  • Manage the scope of services (connection point(s)) for this company by user group.

Access the DATA Portal to develop APIs

The Data Portal offers you the ability to easily create applications to access data made available by RTE via intuitive APIs, most of which are subject to a new authentication mode OAuth2 through an access token.

You gain easier and more secure access to data through the many available APIs

  • partner APIs, reserved for RTE customers, that give access to metering data, physical data.
  • public/open APIs that allow you to access data on generation, consumption, interconnections, and unavailability.

You have access to a customisable interface and the ability to manage your account autonomously.

  • If you are an RTE customer, your company administrator can create your account directly. All you need to do is enable it to access public APIs and partner APIs.
  • If you are not an RTE customer, you can create an account with a few clicks to access public APIs. This account will allow you to find your applications, associated APIs, and manage users in your organisation.

Personalised Customer Area

This private space allows you to manage your contract items online. Safely submit and track your requests for power overruns or change in power online.

At any time, you may view or download your updated consumption data, electricity quality monitoring data, or the overview of your balance responsible party perimeter.

The conditions of access

To access private services available on the Service Portal as well as partner APIs available through the DATA Portal:

Service fee

Only the specialised link is charged and you must have previously contracted a service with our service provider. Setting up this access takes between 6 to 14 weeks.

General documentation

To detail access to online services, the following documents are available for all information system services:

User manuals and implementation guides for each front office application are available on the dedicated pages.

Additional info

Tutorials showing the Data Portal features are also available online. They explain the procedures in a short, easy-to-access format: from subscription to recovery of public or private data.


If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or the market services in your area.