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+ This service allows market participants (certified entity holders, capacity portfolio managers and obligated parties) to download the notification file of the actual capacity level (NCE) and obligation calculation results.


  • Certified entity holders
  • Capacity portfolio managers
  • Obligated parties

Description of the service

This service provides the customer, for the perimeter(s) on which they are entitled, the following features:

  • For certified entity holders and capacity portfolio managers: Download of the estimated or final actual capacity level notification document and of associated documents for the calculation.
  • For obligated parties: Download of the estimated or final obligation notification document and the associated documents for the calculation.

You will be informed by email from the RTE-MARKET-COMMUNICATION mailbox each time a new document is made available.

The files for calculating obligation and actual capacity level are made available at different annual deadlines in accordance with the capacity mechanism terms and conditions in force on 31/12/2021:

  • 1 March at the latest: the provision of results of the final obligation and actual capacity level calculations for year Y-3;
  • 30 June at the latest: the provision of results of the estimated actual capacity level calculation for year Y-1;
  • 31 December at the latest: the provision of results of the estimated obligation calculation for year Y-1.

There may be interim provisions of data between these deadlines.

The estimated data (actual capacity level and obligation) is a provisional result that may increase or decrease depending on the updates. These results allow the market participants to carry out a first level of consistency check with their own estimate and in case of a discrepancy with their own estimates:

  • concerning the calculation of actual capacity level, contact RTE to analyse these deviations.
  • concerning the calculation of obligation, contact the relevant system operators of the networks where deviations are found in order to analyse them.

The final data (actual capacity level and obligation) represent the final result for the financial settlement associated with the market participant’s perimeter, which is notified by RTE by 20 March of year Y+3 at the latest.

How to access the service

If you are your company’s administrator

You must hold a contract with RTE:

  • as a certification entity holder: a certification contract for one delivery year;
  • as a capacity portfolio manager: a capacity portfolio manager contract;
  • as an obligated party: an obligated party contract.

Go to the Service Portal/ "Download your Data Notified on the Capacity Mechanism” Service.

If you are not your company’s administrator

  • Log in to your account or create one if you do not yet have one;

Service tariff or fee

This service is included in your contracts.


If you require a subscription, please contact your company’s administrator responsible for managing the Service Portal.

For additional queries, please contact your account manager.

For any technical issues, please contact RTE's Customer Hotline by email ( or by phone (0810 80 50 50).

Additional information

Service help page