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+ At your request, RTE conducts a contradictory verification of the proper operation of your metering installations. This operation consists of a contradictory verification of the metering device of the metering installation, and, where relevant, verification of the wiring of the current transformers making up the metering installation.



  • Consumers
  • Distributors
  • Generators

Service description

The "contradictory verification of the metering device at the request of the customer" service is carried out in 1 or 2 phases. The 2nd phase is rarely triggered after the 1st phase, which is generally sufficient.

The first phase of the service includes:

  • The metrological verification of the main meter using an annually calibrated meter, an injection test set, cable and accessories. The meter is declared to be compliant if the measurement error values do not exceed the accepted tolerance limits;
  • Verification of the visual consistency* of the transformation values of the current limiters with the values provided by the customer and specified in the contract (CART or additional services contract).

This first phase does not require the removal of meters or the lockout of current limiters.

The second phase includes more in-depth verifications by RTE of the measurement chain, and requires lockout of the connection installation of the customer’s current limiters.

*If access permits; especially difficult access for voltage transformers

How to subscribe or access the service

To qualify for this personalised service, you must:

  • hold a consumer or generator or distributor Transmission System Access Contract (CART), or an Additional Services Contract for the metering service;
  • contact your account manager to request a commercial offer;
  • accept the commercial offer and associated payment terms;
  • anticipate and maintain works scheduling.

Service fee

A quote for this personalised service is made through a commercial offer specifying the exact technical consistency (in particular whether or not the customer wishes to mandate a third organisation in addition to RTE) as well as the deadline for completion.

If the verification does not show a malfunction, or when it shows a malfunction attributable to the customer, then the customer is charged for the verification service. The service will not be charged to the customer if the malfunction is attributable to RTE.

Reference documentation

For further information, please access to the library to read following documents:


For subscription or information, please contact your  usual account manager  or the generic email address of the customer service department for your geographical arrea.