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+ This personalised service aims to minimise the impact of scheduled works on your operations, where feasible: to reduce the duration of network access service interruptions or postpone to minimise the impact of the interruption.


  • Consumers

  • Distributors

  • Generators

The service

As part of its activities, RTE may need to interrupt access to the public transmission system (PTS) to enable the maintenance, renewal, development or repair of PTS installations. In accordance with its contractual commitments specified in the CART, RTE will endeavour to minimise operations resulting in a service interruption and to schedule them, to the extent possible, at dates and times that will cause the least possible inconvenience to its customers. This commitment is based on the use of conventional operating procedures and works undertaken during normal working days and hours.

However, at the request of the customer, RTE may implement special operating procedures to ensure the works. Thus, the "Minimising the impact of works scheduled by RTE" offer provides a solution for customers requiring it to minimise the duration or consequences of an interruption related to scheduled works. The proposed solutions are, for example:

  • The establishment of special means or operating methods to ensure continuity of power supply to an industrial site (dry cables, live-line working, mobile cells, etc.);
  • Performing works outside of normal working days or hours.

The scheme is set on the basis of a commercial offer, specifying the means implemented, the periods of intervention and the envisaged duration of work on the PTS.

Before each operation involving removal of a network element, RTE’s planning department will send you an advance information notice known as a “NIP”.To facilitate your reading of this document, RTE provides you with a manual for reading the NIP (VF).


Please contact your account manager or the generic email address of your customer service.


To qualify for this personalised service, you must

  • hold a Transmission System Access Contract (CART);
  • accept the commercial offer and associated payment terms;
  • anticipate and maintain works scheduling.


The service subject to a quote.

Reference documentation

For further information, please access to the library to read following documents:

  • Consumer CART (Article 6.2.3 GC)

  • Generator CART (Article 6.2.3 GC)

  • Distributor CART (Article 6.2.2 GC)


For any questions, Please contact your account manager or the generic email address of your customer service.